Customer Feedback

We love to hear from all of our customers at Purrfect Pawz Pet Care so please get in touch and let us know what you think of the service;

Jean, Lola & Willow

Thank you so much, I have had peace of mind knowing they have been looked after.

Niki, Lily &Star

A fantastic, quality service I would definitely use again. Star has been well looked after by Susan, who really knows about cats. I would recommend to anyone.

Michelle, Paul & Poppy

Thank you so much Susan. It has been so much easier to enjoy our time away, knowing Poppy is happy and looked after. We will definitely be in touch when we have our next holiday. You have been fantastic.

Lesley & Jiji

I could not fault the care Susan gave our little girl.....we came home to a very contented cat.......Susan is a true cat lover.

Deb, Andy, Bracken & Chunk

Susan has been amazing with my 2 cats, one who has diabetes and needs insulin injections. She has done this with no problems and the cats love her. I would not hesitate to recommend her. I am able to leave my boys in great hands and know they will be well looked after.

Emma, Benny & Chukka

Thank you for taking the time to look after the cats and taking the worry away.

Kate, Rafa & Molly

Thank you so much for being fantastic and looking after them so well. I am so pleased they took to you.

June, Misty & Button.

Susan looked after our 2 cats while we went on holiday in the summer. They both adored her, even our grumpy female who played with her, she wont with us. Will recommend and most certainly use her again.

Kelly, Peg & Ollie

Susan looked after our 2 cats while we went on holiday for a fortnight. I felt she really went over and beyond and got to know the cats personalities and different needs. I would 100% use Susan again and recommend her to anyone, requiring a reliable and kind cat sitter.

Nicolette & Jacob

I feel really comfortable leaving Jacob with you. I love how much you care for him and make sure his best interests are at heart. Thanks again.

Sarah & Georgie

Susan did a fantastic job looking after Georgie, whilst I was away. It was reassuring to know she was being well cared for in her own home and lovely to come back to a happy and settled cat. I highly recommend Susan and wont hesitate to use her services again.

Clare, Thomas & Vera

Thank you so much for looking after Thomas and Vera so well. It is good they have taken so well to you, especially Vera as she is so timid but loves attention and strokes.

Janette, Peter & Grace

We have been very happy with the service you offer and it was reassuring to come home to find both Grace and the house in such good order. Grace is shy with strangers, so it was good to be able to leave her with someone who knows cats and understand their different personalities. We really enjoyed your brilliant updates, they were entertaining as well as reassuring.

Peter, Hillary & Jess

Hello Susan, we thought we would contact you since your visit. We were very impressed by your professionalism and how Jess responded so well towards you, she can be very wary of strangers and appear unfriendly, but she seemed to trust you. We have not been in touch since then because we havent decided on any dates, but we shall certainly let you know in the next few weeks. Thanks.

Lucky Forbister

Happy Mothers Day to you Auntie S, thank you for all of your help looking after me.

Naomi, Echo & Smokey Joe

I was a little nervous, as I had never left my cats before and one is shy of strangers, but Susan put me at ease from the first phone call. Super professional, but really friendly and they both took to her straight away. I would recommend her to anyone. If you are going away look no further, Susan will ensure your pets are super well taken care of. I cant recommend her enough.

Dawn & Brian

Thank you Susan, I will be in touch about future dates you really have put my mind at rest.

Ruth, Minky & Slinky

Thanks so much Susan, the girls were in fine fettle when I got back.

Nicolette & Jacob

Home safe and sound to a very contented kitty. Thank you so much for taking such good care of Jacob. I will certainly recommend you. I loved your messages and know Jacob was looked after by a true animal lover, with a kind heart.

Maddison family- Charlie & Belle

Thank you so much for looking after Charlie and Belle. We had a lovely weekend and were able to relax, knowing you were looking after our 2 furry friends.

Maureen, Stephen & Suki

Thanks Susan for your brilliant care of Suki and we really appreciate your advice. Suki is lucky having you look after her. Many thanks again for your superb service.

Jill, Doris & Kitty

Thank you so much for everything you have done for my mum and Kitty. Mum looks forward to you going and really enjoys your company.

Mary, Peter & Sylvie

Thank you for looking after Sylvie last weekend. When we came back she was very happy and content. She obviously enjoyed seeing you, thank you once again.

Cathy, Gizmo & Cassie

I contacted Susan as I was having trouble giving antibiotics to my cat Gizmo following surgery. I asked Susan if she could help me give the tablets to Gizmo twice a day, 12 hours apart (7am and 7pm). I felt quite cheeky asking for Susan to help me at 7am but she was completely professional and flexible with the services she offers. Susan was absolutely fantastic with Gizmo. She ensured that the pills were taken each time without stressing out Gizmo and also that Gizmo was calm before and after each experience. Susan genuinely cares for the animals she looks after and I am so grateful for her help and support this week. I highly recommend Susans services.

Gemma, Lucy, Daisy, Luna & Figaro

I was really pleased with the service you provided. Anyone can see and feel your passion and love for cats. It was great to see photos of them while we were away and nice to see you giving them fuss and attention. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone, or use your services in the future. Many thanks again.

Margaret, Fluffy & Ian

Fluffy and Ian in great mood when we got back, no spitting from Fluffy. You have made a tremendous breakthrough in getting to fuss Fluffy, you have succeeded where others have failed. I am really pleased you have made such a success with him, he is a lovely cat and loves a fuss.

Lisa, Nicola & Trixie

Thank you for looking after Trixie, we have missed her so much. We are very happy with your service, once again thank you.

Steph, John, Harriet, Henry- Josie & George

Thanks so much for looking after Josie and George so well. We missed them, but so lucky they were in safe hands. Thanks again.

Sam & Gibbs

Thank you Susan for looking after Gibbs. Came home to a very happy and relaxed kitty after a few days away. I would recommend Susan, she has provided an exceptional service and would book Susans service again in the future.

Wendy & Taz

Hello Susan, thank you very much again for caring for Taz.

Sarah, Judith, Florence & Fleur

We have just been away for a couple of days and Susan has looked after our cats for the first time. She has been great, we have returned to happy and relaxed cats and Susan kept us informed by text how they were. Thank you so much, highly recommended, very professional service. Booked in again already.

Shirley, George & Nero

Home now, as expected everything is great. Thanks again.


I have known Susan since 2005 and her ability to evaluate the animals on an individual basis and understand their needs is a precious gift that is vital to Willows. She is a huge asset to us. I cannot give any higher recommendation of her ability to give 100% quality in all she does and her attention to detail is second to none.

Bonnie, Helen & Adrian

The service Susan provided for our cat Bonnie was exceptional. I felt totally at ease leaving Bonnie for a week while we went away on holiday. Susan gave me daily updates and photos while we were away which we looked forward to receiving each day. I have already booked again for our next holiday. I would highly recommend, thank you so much Susan.

Angela, Steve & Archie

Thank you Susan for your wonderful service. You provide a professional, caring service and I felt totally at ease leaving Archie in your care. He loved you too, lol.

Laura, Phillip & Mia

This was the first time Susan looked after Mia and I cant recommend her more highly. She was responsive to my initial query and completely put me at ease when she came to meet Mia and discuss requirements, nothing was too much of a problem. Susan sent me daily updates including photos, which was lovely to receive while I was away. Thank you and I would not hesitate to use Susan again.

Joanne, Eve & Molly

Thanks again for doing a great job of caring for Molly.

Julie & Jaxn

This is the first time I have contacted Susan from Purrfect Pawz. My elderly pooch Jaxn was well taken care of, whilst I went on a weeks holiday. I was very happy with this professional and very personal service and I know Jaxn was too. In fact I think he is missing you already Susan. We will definitely be using your services again. Highly recommended. Thank you so much.

Irene, Dave, Tilly, Fidget & Tink

This is the first time we have used Purrfect Pawz and the services Susan provided for our 3 cats was exceptional. On first meeting our cats it was apparent Susan has a wealth of knowledge and experience of cats. We received regular updates and photos while we were away, which was so reassuring. She also pointed out some health problems which admittedly we should have dealt with sooner and because of her genuine concern, she asked to be updated regarding this. So Susan is certainly not someone who just feeds the cats,she is dedicated, conscientious and caring. Everywhere was left spotlessly clean. We would have no hesitation in asking Susan again in future and would highly recommend her. Thank you.

Sharon, Graeme & Monty

This was the first time Susan looked after our Monty, having been recommended by Willows Cat Rescue. She took great care of him and very reassuringly sent us daily photos of him. Nothing was too much trouble and we have already booked for when we are away next. We feel we can go away and not worry, as we know our boy will be well taken care of. If you are looking for a kind, caring and extremely capable cat sitter then contact Susan.

Joanne, Naz, Marley and Rosie.

I spoke to a number of cat sitters, who after a short conversation I knew they were not what I required to look after my 3 cats. I then telephoned Susan and I knew within a short while I had found a professional and caring cat carer. I met with Susan in my home prior to booking my holiday, so I could see how my cats would be with her, as one is shy. I should not have worried, they all loved her. On my holiday I had regular text messages and photos to reassure me all was well, which helped me totally relax and enjoy my Xmas break. I came home to a tidy, clean house and more importantly 3 very well looked after cats. I left instructions of their routines and this was followed to the letter. I am already planning my next holiday and Susan is the only one I would leave my pets with in the future. Highly recommended.

Wendy & Taz

Hello Susan, Im back home with my favourite little man, thank you so much for seeing to him. I am pleased with everything and happy with the service. Thanks again.

Margaret, Ian & Fluffy

Very pleased with cats. Ian obviously had a good time, but what I was really pleased with was Fluffys reaction to our return. No panic when we came in, he had hidden behind the curtains when we opened the door, but when I went upstairs and spoke to him he was relaxed and there was no spitting and panicking, just calmness and purring. I thank you so much for Fluffy being calm, later he even came downstairs and sat on my knee for the first time ever.

Linda & Tigger

Hello, I felt I could relax and enjoy my holiday knowing Tigger was in safe hands. I received pictures regularly of Tigger being pampered.

Naomi & Millie

We are very pleased with your service, especially at the short notice at Xmas. Thanks again.

Martin & Muffin

Thanks for looking after Muffin, and the house this weekend. She really doesnt relish staying at a cattery so the fact she can now stay at home if I am away for a day or two makes things a whole lot less stressful. She is currently fast asleep on my lap and very happy to have someone to lie on. I am very satisfied with the service you provided and will be in touch again shortly.

Carol, Rosa & Isaac

Thank you so much for looking after Isaac. It was very reassuring to know he was being well cared for while we were away. We are so glad we have found someone we can trust to come in and feed him and next time hopefully he will emerge from his blissful , deaf slumber to see who it is who is leaving him his food and water.

Karen, Yorkie & Oscar

Thanks Susan, hope the girls were ok for you, sounds like they have been in good hands. Thanks for looking after them especially at short notice. They are both well groomed and happy, I would have no hesitation in using your services again.

Carol & the girls

What would I have done without you, after I put my back out. You even went for my food shopping, thank you Susan.

Julie, Brian, Oliver & Charlie

Had a fab time away with Lulu.......once again Susan thank you.

Anna & M.J.

Thank you so much for looking after M.J., it is a good service you provide. I don\'t know what I would have done, it was Maria Harrison who recommended you. You can tell M.J. had a lovely time, I will pass on the good word.

Doris, Gill & Kitty

Hello Susan, thank you so, so much for everything that you have done for me. I cant believe that Kitty allowed you to clip her nails, but thank you for everything, I am really chuffed.

Julie, Brian, Oliver & Charlie

Hi Susan, we just got back and cats very happy, house just as we left it. Thank you so much.

Judith, Lisa, Keith & Charlie

Hi Susan, thank you so much for doing a great job in looking after Charlie while we were at wedding . Loved the little updates , photos and messages such a nice thought. Will recommend you to friends , family and anyone who needs someone to look after their cats or furry pets, lol.

Nicola, Henry & Maggie

Hi Susan, Maggie and Henry said a really big thank you for looking after them on Monday. Maggie apologises for being shy, she finds it difficult when new people come into the house. Henry said thanks for offering to let him go out but it was just a bit noisy outside, so he said he was glad you let him back in. Massive thank you. Loved the text and little note left. Very thoughtful and reassuring service. Really pleased will definitely recommend.

Louise, Ruby & Freddie

I have just used Purrfect Pawz for the first time and I must say I am impressed. On my return Ruby and Freddie had been well cared for and all areas were left clean and tidy. I would definitely recommend Purrfect Pawz and I will be contacting again in the near future. Thank you so much.

Charlie & Midnight

Hi Susan, you will be pleased to know that I have purchased my first grooming brush for Midnight, inspired by your example. Nearly 10 years old and Midnight had never been groomed.... well she is in for lots of treats now. Thank you for looking after Midnight and my fish aquarium while I was away and for being flexible by extending the dates. You are clearly very passionate about your work and it really shows. I will be back in touch to arrange cover for my next holiday.

Michelle, Paul, Blake, Tilly & George

We really appreciate having you to rely on Susan and honestly would really struggle without your help. It is great the cats can still live their lives as usual with your help while we are away.

Reema,Smudge & Smokey

Thank you so much for such a brilliant service and taking such good care of my boys. They were so calm and content when I got back. Thank you for playing with them also, they would have loved that. Your daily message updates kept me reassured while I have been away, especially with Smudges diabetic condition and I am pleased you gave the insulin injection with such ease and within time. I would highly recommend your service to anyone. Very professional and thorough.

Nicole and family, Charlie & Merlin

Used Purrfect Pawz recently to look after our 2 cats while we were away for the weekend. Excellent care. We received regular updates about our cats. Excellent service, much less stressful for our cats than going to a cattery. Will definitely use Susan again. Thank you.

Jennifer, Danny and Lily & Jack

Thank you very much Susan for looking after Jack and Lily while we were on holiday. The updates from Susan were very reassuring and it is clear that Susan really got to know our cats personalities. One of our cats is very shy but sat on Susan\'s knee. Susan is friendly , professional and genuinely loves cats. We would not hesitate to recommend Susan and I am sure Jack and Lily would agree.

Barbara, Iain, Pernod & Bailey

Thank you very, very much Susan. Have your card, no doubt I will be in touch again.


Susan provides a personalised, caring and truly pet-centred service. We are delighted Fergus benefits from the care of such a devoted animal lover. When leaving our dog at home during the working day, Susan\'s home visits give us endless peace of mind.


Thank you Susan for the excellent work you did with the cats, I will be highly recommending you. I will be definitely using you next year for my holiday and probably sooner. Thanks again.

Joanne, Eve and Molly

I was initially going to send Molly to a cattery but my daughter was upset when we visited the premises as it was not suitable. I found Purrfect Pawz online and it was a much better solution. I think Susan does an excellent job, it was reassuring to get the text messages to say how Molly was doing. Thanks again, we will be sure to use your services again in the future.


I was really apprehensive about going on holiday for the first time without a family member available to look after Purdy. The idea of putting Purdy into a cattery with no room to move about was horrible and then I remembered an email from Susan from the Willows informing me of her cat sitting service. Problem solved. Susan was amazing and was extremely professional. Susan ensured that she was aware of Purdy\'s routine before I went on holiday and she text me with regular updates. Most importantly, it was evident when I returned from my holidays that Susan had cared for my little kitten whilst I was away. Thank you Susan - I would definitely recommend you.


Just a big thank you to Susan ( again ). Mabel our cat was unwell 3 days before we were due to go away. On taking her for a check up it was found she had poor teeth and infection, we left her there for quite extensive surgery . Having used Susan before we felt comfortable leaving Mabel with her, Susan took her for a 2nd follow up appointment, giving post op medication and used her wealth of knowledge deciding to buy Mabel specialised post op food from her vets, all the time sending us updates . A massive thank you.


Susan looked after Dillon and Molly recently and I can only sing her praise for all her professional care that she gave to them. We were impressed by her knowledge of feline behaviour and needs and by the provision of individual care that she compiled from her assessment. Receiving a text on our first night away and thereafter reassured us and made our holiday more relaxing and enjoyable. We certainly recommend Susan and will be calling on her service again in the near future


Thank you very, very much, I am so grateful to you for looking after Puss and the toy elephant you gave him.


We have again received excellent service from Susan with regarding to caring for my cat. Susan is the consummate professional, taking time to understand in detail what the needs are and ensuring those needs are met. Further to that she is not only flexible, but also takes the time to learn the characteristics of your cat while visiting. She leaves a note after each visit, explaining what has happened and how your cat has responded. The last note was so exact to our cats idiosyncrasies, it even surprised us.


Susan looked after my Ragdolls over 5 days. I received texts to say they were doing well. I came home and both were relaxed and contented. I would recommed Susan's services to anyone and will be using her services again this year for a longer period with no worries. Excellent service.


Susan looked after my cats over a weekend and I am thrilled with the service. She sent me regular texts to set my mind at rest and had my little cat playing with her, which showed how relaxed they felt with her as she's quite a nervous cat and doesn't trust easily. I came home to find two contented cats who didn't seem the least bit bothered that we had been away for a couple of days. I'd had no trouble recommending Susan to anyone and will certainly be using her services again.


I had the pleasure of Susan cat sitting for me this year, and I do mean pleasure. This as the first time I had used cat sitting services and Susan was a delight. Susan was friendly, helpful and took great interest in ensuring that she knew all she needed to ensure Nero (our cat) was cared for in the manner he was accustomed, with no undue stress. The level of care was evident on our return, when we found Nero was happy, content and showing no sign of stress at all. Thank you Susan.


Susan looked after my 12 yr old daughters treasured cat Misty while we had our 2 week summer holiday. We have not used this type of service before so initially I was nervous. From first speaking to Susan on the phone to meeting her she put our minds at rest and knew we had made the right decision and that Misty was going to be in safe hands meaning we could enjoy our holiday. On return we could see Misty had been well looked after, at one point I thought she was sad that we had returned. Thoughout the holiday Susan was more than happy to keep us informed on how she was. Susan is very knowledgeable about cats and after spending 2 weeks with Misty gave us some helpful hints on how we could improve her feeding. I can now look forward to our next holiday without the worry of who will take care of her as we know she will always be in the safest hands with Susan


I found myself with no cat sitter for my two cats 3 days before a bank holiday weekend and an impending camping trip. I phoned Susan who was extremely friendly and put me at ease straight away. She visited my home and took time to find out more about my cats and their needs. I felt entirely confident in leaving them in her care, she's clearly a lady that knows a lot about cats and can provide for their varied needs. Susan was very flexible and fitted into my current schedule of feeding, letting out and cuddles. I have no doubt that they were cared for lovingly and I will certainly be using Susan for any needs I have in the future (I used to use a family member but will now revert to Susan at all times)


Hello, a big thank you to Susan having only used family to care for Mabel we were very unsure about a sitter services. After 1 meeting with Susan we felt completely at ease . We looked forward to the regular updates and would highly recommend her as a very caring and trustworthy person . A personal service of high standard was given . Thank you.


"I met Susan through her work at Willows Cat Adoption Centre. She is extremely caring and knowledgeable, and provided me with invaluable advice on choosing the right kitten to suit our family. Since then she has been a constant source of support for us with all of our cat issues, and she is always there to help when we need her advice (which is second to none!) There is nobody I'd rather trust to care for my feline friends. With her wealth of knowledge and devotion to cats, they could not be in better hands than with Susan. "